DEEP™ Technology


DEEP Technology is the Directed Expansion of Epitope Permutations through the manufacture of Amino Acid Copolymers with Antigenic Specificity, i.e., Declensional Peptides: Mixture of 40-80 amino acid-long peptides manufactured in a single solid phase peptide synthesis, incorporating more than one amino acid at a given position.

Directed Expansion of Epitope Permutations (DEEP):

  • Design and manufacture of determinant-specific amino acid copolymers
  • Intrinsic immunogenicity
  • Th2/Th3-prone immunity through large percentage of alanine
  • Broad and specific response against multiple variants
  • Combined B- and T-cell determinants
  • HLA promiscuity
  • Juxtaposition of peptidic regions and incorporation of modified amino acids, e.g., phosphorylation, nitration, glycosylation


Declensional peptides for the treatment of neurodegenerative and autoimmune disorders


Declensional peptides as prophylactic or therapeutic vaccines for infectious disease or cancer


Declensional peptides as ligands for antibody discovery

Route SC ID ID
Adjuvant No Yes Yes
Dose mg μg μg-mg
Dosing regimen Chronic weekly 1-3 monthly 1-3 bi-weekly
Alanine content High Low Low