Compound Indication Collaborator Technology and Target Stage Next Milestone
DP-C003 Parkinson's Disease cricm ModuloDEEPα Synuclein Research Synthesis,
immune response
DP-C016 Progressive supranuclear palsy To be partnered ModuloDEEPTau protein Research Partner /
SC001, SP009 Botulinum A Intoxication neoclone AntiDEEPBoNT A (subtypes 1-3) monoclonal Market Partner with large biodefense company or BARDA
DP-C005 Avian Flu Pandemic IMV - Immunovaccine VacciDEEPHA region of H5N1 Research Protective immunity
in vivo
DP-C006 Pemphigus Vulgaris To be partnered ModuloDEEPDsg1 and Dsg3 Research Partner /