Antibody Discovery

AntiDEEP Approach:

  • Select peptidic region of interest
  • Incorporate amino acid substitutions based on:
    • Known isoforms
    • Phylogenic variants
    • Mutations and antigenic drift
    • Amino acid conservative substitutions
    • Anchored residues for MHC binding
    • Artificial incorporation of T-cell determinants
    • Selective incorporation of alanine
    • Repeat process for every region of interest
    • Juxtapose regions for final declensional peptide design

Case Study:

Generating Antibodies to Multispan Transmembrane Receptors


Need an anti-murine monoclonal antibody for GPCR-X but only one low affinity anti-human GPCR-X monoclonal antibody commercially available


Use AntiDEEP to generate commercially viable, high affinity monoclonal antibodies that recognize mouse, rat and human GPCR-X to be used both in non-clinical and clinical development

GPCR-X Custom Antibodies

Heteroclitic Response

AntiDEEP declensional peptide generates antibodies against both mouse and human epitopes of the same GPCR