Within a mixture of letters
(amino acids)
one can form several words
(immunogenic variants)

Déclion is a privately held biotechnology company focused on the development of declensional peptides for use as:

Declension n. [dih-klen-shuhn]

  1. The whole set of inflected forms of such a word, or the recital thereof in a fixed order
  2. A class of such words having similar sets of inflected forms

What is a declensional peptide?

Declensional peptides are mixtures of
40-80 amino acid-long peptides manufactured in a single solid-phase peptide synthesis, incorporating more than one amino acid at a given position.

Key Déclion Experience

  • Eight years experience in GMP amino acid copolymer synthesis and batch-to-batch reproducibility
  • Eight orthogonal analytical methods for batch release
  • In vitro bioassays for batch release
  • Proprietary pharmacokinetic assay methods
Meet the Founders